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Feb 14, 2022
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Plasmolifting high quality prp tubes What kind of plasma therapy happens? It would seem a ridiculous question. To answer it, it is important to understand one procedural point: blood from a vein is taken into a special test tube (which then turns in a centrifuge). There is already a special composition in the test tube in advance, which does not allow the blood to curdle. Plasmolifting high quality prp tubes A number of companies have decided to add something else to the test tubes: useful substances, amino acids. Thus, the patient is injected not just with plasma, but with a cocktail of substances, which in some cases really allows you to solve this or that problem. If the blood is separated in a centrifuge for a long time, the plasma becomes more viscous and dense - the plasmogel technology has been patented in cosmetology - a composition that, according to the authors of the technique, successfully replaces dermal fillers. Separately, there is a patented procedure for "plasmolifting" (Plasmolifting) - in the process of centrifugation, plasma is more efficiently enriched with platelets. The authors of the patent claim that after plasmolifting, the lifting effect in the area of carrying out is more pronounced. In general, there are quite a lot of options for plasma therapy, but only a specialist can determine which one to choose for you. For example, a patient wants to sign up for the plasmogel procedure because he does not want injections of fillers. However, the result after the introduction of a plasma-based gel remains much less, after a couple of months the procedure will need to be repeated.
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